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The One Thing That is Affecting Over 18 Million People’s Credit Score in the UK

It’s no surprise that credit scores are quite vital to any transaction that any adult in Britain makes. Your credit score can determine whether that application of yours will be approved given what financial status your score implies. This would range from applying for loans and credit to even finding a job. However, here’s the […]

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How Much are You Giving to Your Credit Card Provider?

The way that the amount you have to pay for your credit card provider is calculated is not straightforward. Interest and charges are the two things that ensure the credit card provider earns money from you. Also, they are actually quite free-flowing and dependent on a lot of elements. Thus, it is necessary to understand […]

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How Does Credit Card Interest Work?

You might notice that your monthly payments do not exactly reflect the amount you owe to certain creditors. If pay the minimum, you will notice that you’re monthly payments would be considerably more than the original loan. This is what is simply called an interest. It is something that many credit holders often fail to […]

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Should I Use One of Those Credit Builder Cards to Boost My Score?

Should I Use One of Those Credit Builder Cards to Boost My Score? There are many ways to build on one’s credit score. Whether it is piggybacking on some other person’s card as an authorised user or something as simple as making your payments on time. The number of ways you can get your credit […]

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What is Credit Card Fraud?

If there has ever been a persistent problem in the credit card industry, it would be credit card fraud. It has always been an escalation when it comes to fraud as scammers are getting smarter in breaking through layers of protection set up against them while companies are coming up with more complex methods of […]

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How Can I Pay Off My Credit Cards Quickly And Get a Better Credit Score?

More often than not, it’s your behavior as the credit holder that determines the score you get in every credit report. That being said, the way you manage your debts accrued in each of your credit cards will play a huge role in calculating your credit score. In short, promptly paying your debts is a […]

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Does Reporting My Credit Card as Lost or Stolen Impact My Credit Score?

There is no sensation out there that sucks more for a credit card holder than realising that their card is missing. It may be because of forgetfulness on your part or somebody else actually took it from you without you noticing, the fact remains that your credit card is not where it should be: on […]

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Does Canceling My Credit Card Affect My Credit Score?

Managing your finances often involves making hard decisions with long-standing repercussions. One of these decisions would involve calling your credit company and closing your credit card account for good. But, of course, closing a credit card is not as simple as it seems. You might wonder if the act would have an effect on your […]

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