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CreditLadder: Does It Really Work?

What if rent payments were included in your credit score? Historically rental payments have not been included. This is what CreditLadder offers to tenants and it might just hold some promise those wanting to improve their credit score.

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Experian Boost. A What is it review by

Boost from Experian: Does it Work?

It cannot be helped that your credit score can be the sole determining factor on how wide (or limited) your credit options are. This can be rather problematic if you are new to the whole concept of building your credit score since you have little to no credit history to fall back on.

However, Experian launched in 2019 a free service that may just help you build on your score. How it works is rather unique but it does beg the question: Is it effective?

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Klarna and How it Can Affect Your Credit Score

For a lot of credit holders, there is nothing scarier than a “Buy Now, Pay Later” scheme. After all, research has shown that more than 2 million shoppers have damaged their credit lines over using BNPL methods.

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credit karma

Credit Karma: Legit or Not?

Ever since they first offered their services to the public in 2007, Credit Karma has made a name for itself as a reliable and mostly free credit reporting and assistance agency. And given the fact that the service has over 100 million members in the US and Canada alone and more than 3 million people in the UK, you would think that subscribing to them would not be a bad idea at all.

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ClearScore: Should You Use It?

The regular credit holder would value reliability more than anything else as far as their credit reports are concerned. After all, you would rather hear the true state of your credit activities from a source that is accurate and comprehensive. There are tons of sources out there that offer credit reports for you to use […]

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Using CheckMyFile for Your Credit Report: Everything You Need to Know

Your credit report is a rather vital document. After all, it contains every bit of information that can explain to you why you are eligible/not eligible for certain loans and what you can do to improve your standing among creditors.

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Which route to take

Which Debt Should I Pay Off First?

For many with a less than stable sense of financial security, Debt could be seen as a dirty, four-letter word. There’s just something so offensive with the word that hearing it next to your name can make you cringe. But debt is something that is not so insurmountable that you can’t clear it off within […]

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What is the Difference Between a CCJ, a Default, and Bankruptcy?

Dealing with debt is supposed to be a simple and straightforward matter. However, this becomes complicated if the law is already involved. Things like a County Court Judgement, a Default, and Bankruptcy have their own implications and consequences. As such, you would need to know what makes these three different from each other. This way, […]

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Can I Get a Mortgage If I Have a Bad Credit Score?

Buying a house today can be rather difficult. You might have even heard that there are factors out there that can affect the success of your application for a mortgage. One of these is your credit score. Truth be told, even people with average credit scores have a 50/50 chance of getting their mortgage applications […]

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What Can I Do If My Monthly Contributions are Not Making a Dent on My Debt?

The best thing that could be said about debt is that it is something that most people would eventually encounter in their lifetime. For credit holders, it’s near inescapable as every transaction you make gives rise to every form of financial obligation. Also, it could be said that debt has the appeal of dry rot. […]

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