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Credit Repair Companies: Do They Work?

Debt and credit go hand in hand. In most cases where you find it challenging to handle your debt, you’ll also find out that your credit has been severely affected as well. Repairing your credit, then, would be a more sensible move especially if it reaches to a point that you are no longer able […]

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Do we Have a FICO Score in the UK?

Believe it or not, there are multiple ways for your credit score to be calculated. This goes beyond how the credit reporting agencies compile data for your credit file, mind you. It’s about different programs that use different standards in order to come up with a figure for your credit score. One of the more […]

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Debt Consolidation: Will It Help My Credit Score?

Debt Consolidation: Will It Help My Credit Score? It’s no secret that our credit scores are utterly dependent on a lot of factors, both within and outside our control. As for the factors that we can control, none have a bigger impact than the way we manage debt. After all, debt is inescapable when you […]

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The One Thing That is Affecting Over 18 Million People’s Credit Score in the UK

It’s no surprise that credit scores are quite vital to any transaction that any adult in Britain makes. Your credit score can determine whether that application of yours will be approved given what financial status your score implies. This would range from applying for loans and credit to even finding a job. However, here’s the […]

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Experian’s Credit Report and Why You Should Subscribe to It

Having the right kind of information is necessary in controlling your finances. A credit report will help you improve on your performance as a credit holder. This is why it would be necessary that you have access to it whenever you have the need for it. It’s one thing to have access to the information […]

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Just How Many Types of Credit Reports Are There?

Just How Many Types of Credit Reports Are There? This can be a bit of a surprise for you but there are actually more than one type of credit report in the market right now. This could mean a lot of things. However, the most important would be that you can get a totally different […]

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What Is CRAIN?

There are a lot of questions one might have regarding their credit information. The most pressing of these questions, however, is how they are prepared in the first place. You might have wondered on what grounds is an agency authorized to compile our information and make a report out of it? The answer lies in […]

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How Can I Keep My Score Safe?

The best thing that can be said about credit scores is that you can at least expect a new figure once the next credit report is ready to be published. Credit scores are quite inconsistent from one report to another because they are based on your most recent activities. Here is the problem, though: a […]

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How Much are You Giving to Your Credit Card Provider?

The way that the amount you have to pay for your credit card provider is calculated is not straightforward. Interest and charges are the two things that ensure the credit card provider earns money from you. Also, they are actually quite free-flowing and dependent on a lot of elements. Thus, it is necessary to understand […]

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How Does Credit Card Interest Work?

You might notice that your monthly payments do not exactly reflect the amount you owe to certain creditors. If pay the minimum, you will notice that you’re monthly payments would be considerably more than the original loan. This is what is simply called an interest. It is something that many credit holders often fail to […]

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